Doggy Valentine's Day

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Doggy Tea Breaks joined forces with Heart and Soul Luxury Hampers to give away a beautiful Valentine's Day doggy gift hamper to one of our lucky social media followers.

Valentine's Day Gift Hamper
Valentine's Day Doggy Gift Hamper

We asked our followers to tell us why they loved their dog, and to post a doggy Valentine's Day photo.

We were blown away by all the lovely Valentine's dog photos and videos that were submitted to us.

Valentine's Dogs
Valentine's Dogs
Valentine's Dogs
Valentine's Dogs
Valentine's Dogs
Valentine's Dogs

Of course there could only be one winner, and after much deliberation, we selected this entry from @nnoushinn on Instagram.

We were moved by Noushin's personal story about how her cavalier Sophie has helped her with her struggles fitting into a new country.  This is what she wrote:

Thanks @doggyteabreaks and @heartandsoulluxuryhampers, if we don’t win you gave me the opportunity to tell my furkid why I love her.
while we are in bed and I can hear her breathing in the dark, I can think of millions things that I love about her, but most importantly is the fact that she brought me back to normal life. It was in late 2014 when we decided to have a dog, At that time I had been in Australia for just a year and half.everything seemed foggy.I was homesick and lost.
It was hard for me to feel belonged in a city that I didn’t have any family, friends or memory in. but then I saw Sophie; compare to other cavaliers she is so tiny, she is fully grown now and she is only 4kg❤️, in the breeder’s house among medium sized cavaliers and big puppies there was my baby, small and shy:) I felt she looks like me, we both are Alice in wonderland! she hid under the table when she saw us, I sat down and move my hands ahead, I told her Can I be your mummy?she came close and that was it she became my baby girl and I became her mummy.
my life hasn’t changed since then, I still need to build a life from scratch, but now I have Sophie, she is there for me when I’m not even ready to start a day full of doubts, she comes with her teddy in her mouth and a funny face when I don’t have the courage to get out of the bed and I can’t resist those eyes😍because of her I talked to people more outside, we talk about her breed, age and cuteness, she is my conversation starter with people who I was afraid to talk because of English barrier. Sophie and her wagging tail give me an energy to move on, to try harder, to make homemade treat, to go to obedience school each weekend, to have 30 minutes walk everyday, to love more and to care less. She is the joy of my life even in the gloomiest day and this is what I love about her, happy valentine’s day honey bunch, mamma loves you to pieces❤️

We also wanted to give a special mention to @heydiddledarcie and @thistlethemutt for their contributions too!

Valentine's Dogs

This is the lovely poem that @heydiddledarcie submitted to us:

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Here are the reasons why I love you.
You’re always such a loveable pup,
And know just how to cheer me up.
You’re at the door when I come home,
With you, I never feel alone.
You’re by my side when I sit down to eat,
Though I know you’re waiting for a treat!
You make me laugh just by being you,
With all the crazy things you do!
You’re always happy, rain, hail or shine,
I’m so glad to call you mine ❤️

And @thistlethemutt captivated us by her Valentine's Day rescue story:

This is my first photo after picking her up from the rescue ❤️ I love how even on day 1 she keeps her eyes on me. How can I not #love someone who loves me so much and tries so hard to be her best?
I adopted her #valentinesday2015 and I love her more every day 🐾❤️ watching her blossom into a gorgeous happy dog has been the greatest privilege

Most of all, it was a real pleasure to see how the love of our dogs transcends international borders - check out where all our entries came from!!

Valentine's Day Map