What is Doggy Tea Breaks all about?  We are a not-for-profit social enterprise that organizes social events for dogs and their humans.  For many dog lovers, their dog is not just a pet but a valued family member. But despite being man's best friend, our beloved dogs are often excluded from socializing with their humans in public areas, especially in indoor areas, due to public health concerns.  So that is why we created Doggy Tea Breaks - we are all about promoting dog friendly activities where you can hang out with your four-legged best friend.

Our Story

Doggy Tea Breaks was founded in 2015, which a mission to create fun and interesting events for dog owners to enjoy in the company of their dogs.  We support local and upcoming small pet businesses, as well as promoting dog-friendly activities and environments.

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What makes us special?

Doggy Tea Breaks is renown for its collaborative and innovative approach to running pet events.  We work closely with small pet businesses, animal shelters / rescue organisations and other pet-related entities to provide safe and fun experiences for pet lovers and their pets. 

We pride ourselves on our reputation for creating memorable pet-friendly events, and we take care to protect our intellectual property.  As a not-for-profit entity our interests are first and foremost to the welfare and enjoyment of the pets and pet lovers at our events.  

We like to encourage networking between pet businesses and organisations, and we are highly supportive of and work with many small business owners.   We are also mindful of those who wish to copy what we do and exploit the good will we have worked hard to generate.  To this end Doggy Tea Breaks has taken steps to apply for trademark protection of its intellectual property rights.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we promote, support and organize pet-friendly activities to strengthen the bond between pet owners and their pets.   Doggy Tea Breaks Inc is a registered Incorporated Association.

Working for us

If you would like to become involved with our dog-friendly events, or become an affiliate, please get in touch via our Contact Form.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Doggy Tea Breaks welcomes sponsorship and collaboration enquiries, please send proposals to us via our Contact Form.